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 Demon_Mage's Goals

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Demon_Mage's Goals Empty
PostSubject: Demon_Mage's Goals   Demon_Mage's Goals EmptyTue Oct 13, 2009 12:41 am

Raise Magic to 40
Target: 40 Magic
Current: 36 Magic with 15k exp til 37
Effort: Main Priority

Become a Known Battlemage

Target: 40 Phys, 40 Will, 40 Reason
Current: 16 Phys, 40 Will, 20 Reason
Effort: Secondary Priority

Raise my Lowest Skills to 20

Target: Tailoring, Engineering
Current: 10 Tailor, 13 Engineer
Effort: Side Priority[/b]
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Demon_Mage's Goals
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