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 General Alliance Info

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PostSubject: General Alliance Info   General Alliance Info EmptyWed Sep 16, 2009 4:44 pm

Here is some general info on what to expect when you are allies with MAGE.

Since we are a new guild there is not much to say here. This will be edited as needed. Please read our rules so you know what members are allowed to do and not do. We are a peaceful guild. And we want to have allies that are the same. If you wish to become an ally please pm me here or in game, or send me a gossip.

I would love for MAGE members to interact with allies as much as possible. PVP is encouraged as well as trading. All allies will be given special member prices on our guild bot/s. Also if you want I will create a special section for your guild here in the alliance section. And also give you and all your members who join a special group so you can access that section and the rest of the forum.
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General Alliance Info
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