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 Guild Rules

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Thieving, scamming and spamming are not allowed.

This means no bag jumping or newb killing. Doing this will give our guild a bad name. The first thing noted by someone who has been scam'd or bagjump'd is the guild they belong to...and the complaints will end up with the GMs (and we will kick the offender!)

About PK
It is only allowed under certain circumstances.

If you have a good reason for pking some one for example some one pked you or some one stole your stuff, it is allowed to pk this member with or without other guild members. If you choose to do this please inform a GM before doing so.

Also, if you entered a pk area and it is always possible that someone will kill you (and take your stuff) so you can't whine too much if you took valuable stuff onto a PK map and lost it. Have an escape plan!

Also be honourable: don't kill newbies or people that are not armed. Don't just attack some one because you feel like it. There is no dignity in just PKing some one for fun. (and you may be kicked!)

You may choose to defend any MAGE member or any member of a allied guild who was unfairly attacked.

You may pk all you want on No Drop Days, and in Kilaran Field.

All reasonable efforts should be taken to return found DeathBags to their owners. You, and the guild will be remembered positively later. In your future, it may mean the difference between you (or another guildie) getting a lost titanium helm back or not!

Reasonable efforts include:
- looking back through your console to find who died and PMing them
- announcing lost DBs on channels 1,2 & 4

You are entitled to keep a deathbag if claimants are unable to identify the contents of the bag. (this doesn't mean they must know that they had 43 HEs! If they remember having about 40 HEs plus each other item the give the bag back!)

About Alts

We do allow alts in MAGE but it is up to you not to break rule 5. Also do not ask other MAGE members to help you break it by being a middleman. Also only 1 of your characters may use Mysticaly. Please note that alts shouldn't be in different guilds; it is very improper.

Common Courtesy
Be respectful to, and respect the wishes of GM's as well as high ranked guild officials. If they ask you not to do something (with in good reason) please don't do it, for example; if a GM asks you not to go someplace and you go anyway, do not expect them to help you get back lost items... you were warned. This also ties into PKing... If a GM (or high ranked MAGE) asks you not to PK a particular person or guild, don't do it. Also be kind and respectful of not only the GMs but of the other members in the guild.
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Guild Rules
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